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May 6, 2015

This Is Typical Of The Brown Trout Caught On the Upper San Antonio - Photo Courtesy Of Nicholas Schwartz

This Is Typical Of The Brown Trout Caught On the Upper San Antonio – Photo Courtesy Of Nicholas Schwartz

Be aware that recent rains have added some volume and color to Jemez Area streams making fishing difficult…especially the lower Jemez River and the lower Rio Guadalupe. This problem will be short lived.  You can find information about specific Jemez area waters below. Also if you have  info to add, please send to:

 Jemez River

Fishing Update May 20, 2015….(Rating….You Will Catch Fish)  The Jemez River is a little discolored right now from recent rains but will clear quickly and is fishing very well. The river is full of stocked rainbows right now.  The Jemez River was most recently stocked on Wednesday,  May 20th with 1000 Rainbow Trout.

East Fork Jemez River

Fishing Report May 12, 2015….(Rating….The Beauty Alone Makes It Worth It)  The East Fork is in great shape right now. It is now being managed as a Brown Trout fishery and is no longer being stocked with Rainbows. The best section of the river for catching fish is below the Jemez Falls. Park at Battleship Rock and walk upstream from there.  This section has a nice population of resident browns and provides a nice  fishing experience with tremendous beauty as well. Local angler, Paul, stopped in the store last week and had some good news about the upper East Fork. Paul fished the river in the Las Conchas area and reported a decent population of browns. Looks like they a coming back after the burn scar flooding of a couple years ago.

San Antonio

Fishing Report  May 22, 2015….(Rating….Awesome)   The Rio San Antonio was stocked most recently on Friday, May 22nd with 750 Rainbow Trout. That section of the river from La Cueva Picnic Area upstream to the San Antonio Campground is where the hatchery truck makes its stops.  Soon after the hatchery truck leaves, fishing can be like “shooting fish in a barrel”, so please take only your limit of five (or less) and save some for the kids. Fireballs and worms will be your best bet. Recent rains have added some color to the river but Rio San Antonio is very fishable.The upper section of the river (above the campground) will provide the best opportunities for the resident browns. Just hike above the private property and fish from there upstream. Worms, bright spinners and flashy subsurface flies are sure to entice some of the resident Brown Trout. Nick from Albuquerque, e-mailed me last week and reported catching and releasing many small browns on the upper San Antonio. He fished with a green Caddis Larva pattern and a Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear.

Fenton Lake

Fishing Update May 13, 2015…(Rating….Best Time Of The Year)  The lake is receiving a lot of pressure right now but the fish are plentiful and they are biting. The lake was stocked  on Monday, May 4th, with 1800 Rainbow Trout, 126 of which were in the 2-3 lb range (18 +/- inches) and again on May 13th with 400 Rainbows. April and May will provide the best fishing of the year at the lake.  Phil Gallegos of Corrales, caught a 9 lb 27 inch brown trout at the lake on Wednesday, March 25th. Phil was trolling a large Dardevle spoon. Romano of Belen fished the lake on Monday, May 11th and had pretty much non-stop action for some nice sized rainbows. Romano fished from the bank using a brown Pistol Pete with a bubble rig.

Rio Guadalupe

Fishing Update April 12, 2015….(Rating…Now Is A Good Time) FR 376 is open as of April 15th and there is now full access to Rio Guadalupe. The river, although high, is running quite clear and fishing for the hungry resident browns should be fabulous. David Shelle of Albuquerque was kind enough to e-mail a report to me on his fishing experience on Rio Guadalupe from this past weekend. David fished the river about mid-way between the tunnels and Porter’s Landing. He hiked about 500 yards to the river (not uncommon) and found the river in good shape. “It seemed to be running a bit high and a tad murky” and “…what a beautiful river”. In about three hours of fishing, he caught four resident browns in the 7-11” range. David caught one on a worm and the rest on a Copper John Bar. Thank you so much for taking the time to report David. Keep them coming.

Rio De Las Vacas

Fishing Update May 13, 2015….(Rating …Hit It) Rio de Las Vacas is now running high but fishable with spring run-off conditions.  The Vacas is normally the last in the Jemez to finish its run-off.  NMDGF stocked the Vacas most recently on Wednesday, May 13th with 250 Rainbow Trout. I have had no reports from anglers.

Rio Cebolla

Fishing Update May 20, 2015 (Rating… Hit It)  The Rio Cebolla is in great shape and is fishing very well for stocked rainbows and resident browns and cutthroats. Water level is up higher than I have seen it in years. Better volume means better habitat and better fishing. Rio Cebolla was stocked  most recently on Wednesday, May 20th with 1126 Rainbow Trout. That section within Fenton Lake State Park below the dam has been stocked as well as from the lake on up to the fish hatchery. The upper portion, that section above the hatchery, is in great shape right now. The quality section, above the barrier, is fishing well for the native Rio Grande Cutthroats.

San Gregorio Lake

Fishing Update April 15,  2015….(Rating….Don’t Really Know) Because San Gregorio is located at a higher elevation within the San Pedro Parks Wilderness, winter hangs on just a little bit longer. This high mountain lake is stocked only once per year (usually in June), but there should be a nice population of hungry holdovers, as this past winter was not that brutally cold…thus hopefully no winterkill. The trail to the lake should be open and clear of snow and ice, so make the trip and fill me in.

Cute Catch

Fishing The Jemez

Children Are Welcome!

The Jemez is a great place to bring your young children to fish.  They can be successful fishing anywhere in the Jemez, but for those that are 11 yr and younger, the Kid’s Pond at the hatchery is a great place for the youngsters.  Stop in at Amanda’s Jemez Mountain Country Store for any supplies or snacks that you might need. Make sure you take proper precaution with your children around the water.  Early Spring can often bring high water and strong currents, which can be a danger for kids and adults alike.

                         Fenton Lake Catch

Big Catch

Facts about Fishing

The cost of a license for New Mexico residents is $35 for a license that is good for the license year  April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016. Non-resident licenses are $65 for the year. Short-term licenses are the same price for residents and non-residents alike and can be purchased for one day ($22) or five days ($34). Seniors (ages 65-69) and handicapped can purchase an annual license for $18. Juniors (age 12-17) pay $11 for an annual license. Licenses are free for individuals over the age of 70. All necessary habitat stamps and fees are included in the pricing structure notated above.  A second rod validation (optional) is available for $4. Applicants for hunting and fishing licenses are required by law to provide the last four digits of their social security number. The bag limit for brown, brook and rainbow trout, lake trout and Kokanee salmon is a combined total of five fish in one day and 10 in possession (two daily bag limits may be in possession).  Only two fish in the daily bag limit may be Cutthrout trout. No Gila trout (not found in Jemez) may be in possession at any time. Special trout waters are found in the Jemez and are normally well-marked, but it might be a good idea to consult your fishing proclamation for special regulations that may exist.  The website has complete fishing rules and information. Fishing and hunting licenses are available at Amanda’s Jemez Mountain Country Store in La Cueva (575-829-4333).

Having fun in the Jemez