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November 18, 2014

Early Winter on Rio San Antonio-La Cueva

Early Winter on Rio San Antonio-La Cueva

The last few days have been quite cold overnight with lows in the single digits. There has been some thin ice forming on the lake and on the higher elevation streams but it melts throughout the day. Fenton Lake and the Jemez River were both stocked today, so pick a sunny day and come on up and enjoy some fine late fall fishing. No need to get up here too early in the day though. You can find information about specific Jemez area waters below. Also if you have  info to add, please send to:

 Jemez River

Fishing Update November18,2014….Rating B) That section of the river from the Village of Jemez Springs on up to Battleship Rock should produce some good fishing for resident browns and recently stocked rainbows. The Jemez River was stocked on  November 10th with 750 trout and another 750 trout on November 18th. The Jemez River will be stocked throughout the winter months and provides for an excellent winter time fishing experience.  Fireballs are most effective for the stockers. Try a gold bladed Panther Martin for the resident browns. Andy from Tijeras sent me an e-mail with a report of a beautiful day on the Jemez River below Battleship Rock. Last Saturday (Nov 8th) Andy caught and released a good mix of rainbows and browns using a Pistol Pete and Panther Martin. Thanks for the report Andy. A local angler fished the Hummingbird area with worms on Saturday (Nov 15th) and caught and released multiple limits of rainbows.

East Fork Jemez River

Fishing Report November 18, 2014….(Rating C) Ice has begun to form all along the East Fork and fishing will be limited to the lower section. Park at Battleship Rock and walk upstream from there. Although I have had no reports from anglers this section has a nice population of resident browns and provides a nice early winter fishing experience.

San Antonio

Fishing Report  November 18, 2014….(Rating….C)  Ice has been forming on the Rio San Antonio every morning and fishing will be limited as we approach winter in the Jemez. The lower section of the river will provide the best opportunities for now.

Fenton Lake

Fishing Update November 18, 2014….(Rating….B)  The lake was stocked on November 10th with 750 rainbow trout and again on November 18th with another 750 rainbows.  Although a thin layer of ice has been forming on the lake overnight, it is gone by mid to late morning. Nightcrawlers and Power Bait continue to do well for the stocked rainbows and the larger cutthroats and browns that are pretty active right now. Pick a sunny day and come on up to Fenton for some good late season fishing.

Rio Guadalupe

Fishing Update November 18, 2014….(Rating….C) Although access to Rio Guadalupe will be available through the end of December via FR376, fishing will be difficult. Because most of the river runs through tall, deep canyons ice will form early limiting the fishing opportunities. The lower section just upstream from the tunnels may be your best bet.

Rio De Las Vacas

Fishing Update November 18, 2014….(Rating….C) Rio de Las Vacas is now running low and clear and ice is beginning to form on this high altitude river. It may be best to wait till spring to fish the Vacas.

Rio Cebolla

Fishing Update November 18, 2014 (Rating… C) Fishing has slowed on the river between the hatchery and the lake for stocked rainbows. Matthew Moore (age 15) stopped by the store today (Nov 7th) with a beautiful 16″ Rio Grande Cutthroat. He caught the fish on the river just above the lake using a Panther Martin).  A week later (Nov 15th) 15 year old William Bixler caught a nice 18″ German Brown using a nightcrawler purchased from Amanda’s. See their photos on the front page.   The Cebolla is currently being stocked  just above the lake on up to the Seven Springs Hatchery. All other areas of the river are maintained as a brown trout fishery including that section of the river upstream above Porter’s landing along FR376. Ice has begun to form on many sections of the river, so fishing will be limited soon.

San Gregorio Lake

Fishing Update November 18, 2014….(Rating….C) I have had no reports from anglers recently and with the recent cold snap and some snow, access to the lake may be limited. 

Cute Catch

Fishing The Jemez

Children Are Welcome!

The Jemez is a great place to bring your young children to fish.  They can be successful fishing anywhere in the Jemez, but for those that are 11 yr and younger, the Kid’s Pond at the hatchery is a great place for the youngsters.  Stop in at Amanda’s Jemez Mountain Country Store for any supplies or snacks that you might need. Make sure you take proper precaution with your children around the water.  Early Spring can often bring high water and strong currents, which can be a danger for kids and adults alike.

                         Fenton Lake Catch

Big Catch

Facts about Fishing

The cost of a license for New Mexico residents is $35 for a license that is good for a year (license year is April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015). Non-resident licenses are $65 for the year. Short-term licenses are the same price for residents and non-residents alike and can be purchased for one day ($22) or five days ($34). Seniors (ages 65-69) and handicapped can purchase an annual license for $18. Juniors (age 12-17) pay $11 for an annual license. Licenses are free for individuals over the age of 70. All necessary habitat stamps and fees are included in the pricing structure notated above.  A second rod validation (optional) is available for $4. Applicants for hunting and fishing licenses are required by law to provide the last four digits of their social security number. The bag limit for brown, brook and rainbow trout, lake trout and Kokanee salmon is a combined total of five fish in one day and 10 in possession (two daily bag limits may be in possession).  Only two fish in the daily bag limit maybe Cutthrout trout. No Gila trout (not found in Jemez) may be in possession at any time. Special trout waters are found in the Jemez and are normally well-marked, but it might be a good idea to consult your fishing proclamation for special regulations that may exist.  The website has complete fishing rules and information. Fishing and hunting licenses are available at Amanda’s Jemez Mountain Country Store in La Cueva (575-829-4333).

Having fun in the Jemez